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Ultra sophisticated almost to the point of snobbish, Stanford MBA, now working as a Senior EVP for a major Hollywood studio. She achieves a near turbulence inducing "Big O" at 37,000 feet on a transatlantic First Class flight to London. She knows what she wants and may have found it in the tall, tan and fabulously handsome Thomas Chichester. When these two come together the chemistry is explosive.

THOMAS J. chichester, iv

Newly installed CEO and scion of his family’s multinational, multigenerational and far-reaching banking and manufacturing empire. He’s well dressed and well versed in the needs of a woman as he literally sweeps Jordan Oldfield off her feet in London’s Claridge's Hotel.

Kirby venice-beach-sunset.jpg

Jordan Kirby

The seventeen-year-old son of the top talent agent in all of Santa Monica and in love for the first time with the twenty-one-year-old Tina from the other side of town. Their love almost rises to the level of a cliché, but when their lust is ignited cliché is the last thing that will be on your mind as the mature and far more experienced Tina changes Jordan forever, as she helps him step over the threshold into young manhood.


Long and lean with a full mane of dark hair, she is the exotic Argentinian beauty who could easily grace the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition. Tina is far more than her looks and more than a match for Jordan K, who is absolutely obsessed with her, as any young man would be where his first love is concerned.

Davidson office.jpg

Jordan Davidson

Tall, athletic, and exceedingly capable, Senior Editor for Fiction at a major NYC publishing house, she has been absolutely certain of her own sexuality since she was eleven and first saw Julie Newmar as Catwoman in old Batman reruns. She has never, though, been very good at reading the signs where matters of the heart are concerned and has missed many an opportunity. When Lisa Grantham walks into NYC’s SoHo House, Jordan ventures into territory “beyond obsession.”

lisa grantham

A strong statuesque blond who commands immediate attention whenever she walks into a room. Living in London and working as an agent for the Thames Literary Group, she represents Jeremey Smyth-Watson, the hottest writer to come along in a generation. She’ll finesse a long-distance relationship with Jordan D, until her Belgravia townhome becomes ground zero when she takes charge and pushes Jordan to a new level of sexual release.


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Handsome, rising defense attorney at a prestigious downtown LA law firm, Jordan will celebrate his 30th birthday at an epic football game at the Rose Bowl with his beautiful wife Megan and their two best friends. It’s the post-game festivities back at the Thomas’ Westside Craftsman home where the real action will happen late into the night.


The best negotiator his Manhattan based leveraged buyout firm has, the Mickster is also Jordan T’s best friend since kindergarten. Together with his long-legged blond wife, Amanda, they are in LA to celebrate Jordan’s birthday. Jordan and Megan were responsible for introducing Mickey to Amanda in college, and the four of them have been an inseparable foursome ever since.

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JORDAN brewster

A senior at the Rhode Island School of Design, the Westport, Connecticut born, petite dynamo, whose passion for life is barely contained within her small frame, possesses enough sexual aggressiveness to make her the equal of any man alive. She loves art, and all places and things from Massachusetts, she loves Steve Nicholson from Beacon Hill above everything else.

steve Nicholson

The youngest of four boys born to Elizabeth and Jonathon, heir and patriarch of the Boston-based Nicholson Real Estate fortune. Finishing up his studies in Architecture while rowing crew at Brown he has met the love of his life in Jordan. Given his six-foot-three frame and stunning musculature, he is able to manipulate Jordan’s body in ways she could only have dreamed of.

Incheon Jet 2.jpg

JORDAN Incheon

Rigorously disciplined in all aspects of his life, Jordan Incheon is the ex-naval aviator who now works as the Head Pilot of the Nicholson family jet. His ability to exert control in all situations, be it either from the cockpit in whiteout conditions on approach in the mountains of Vermont, or in a Parkview suite at Boston’s Ritz Carlton, he never disappoints. Nicole Burton can attest to being fully satisfied following a chance encounter after almost 20 years apart.

Nicole burton

Returning to her New England roots after twelve years trapped by a failed marriage in rainy Seattle, Nicole is looking to exorcise the memory of her self-centered, less than generous ex-husband. Leaving no doubt as to her desire to feel wanted and consumed, she surrenders herself to a night of animal-like lust. 

Nathanson beach bar 2.jpg

Jordan Nathanson

Former touring tennis pro, and now soon to be divorced groom on his honeymoon, he is all alone. After learning of his bride’s recent infidelities, days before their wedding, he has spent three days and nights drowning his sorrows at the beachside bar of a Jamaican resort. His heartache will soon be a thing of the past when Kat and Micah walk into the bar and slide up alongside him.

Kat & Micah

The former; a hard charging, brassy and devastatingly sexy blond Bond Trader on Wall Street, who knows how to get and take what she wants in both the boardroom and the bedroom. Micah, in possession of a more smoldering sexuality and somewhat reserved personality, has an equal “take no prisoners” attitude when she gets naked and beneath the sheets. Together they will help Jordan Nathanson forget he was even married.