A lot of reviewers have mentioned, and even complained that the layout of the book is confusing inasmuch as each character’s first name is Jordan. This was done for a very specific reason, I tried to satisfy a variety of fantasies where the action between the sheets or elsewhere is the focus, while building the anticipation of the individual story arcs much in the same way that the English author Ken Follett (my personal writing hero) jumps from character to character and even across centuries.

There are two ways in which you can read my book, you can check the chapter title to know which primary character you're dealing with and let the various stories unfold, or you can read each individual character's story arc sequentially by following the chapter guide below.

Jordan Oldfield  1, 11, & 16

Jordan Kirby 2, & 8

Jordan Davidson 3, 9, 15, & 20

Jordan Thomas 4, & 10

Jordan Brewster 5, 12, & 17

Jordan Incheon 6, 13, & 18

Jordan Nathanson 7, 14, & 19

My apologies for any confusion my formatting may have caused, I promise to do better on the sequel, in the meantime I hope my words spur you on to seek an “Interlude” and create your own Sexual Odyssey. 

 Love & Peace, JK


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5 star review on Goodreads by LUST FOR LIT


…this book will be an exception. It is made up of different persons – whether female or male – all named Jordan who each tell of their erotic escapades in a variety of locations across the US or Europe. If you are someone who needs some spicing for the evening considering that you are by yourself, this book will surely entertain you in that regard. It can also work if you have your sexual partner beside you, where you both reenact the sexual games that the Jordans are playing in this book. Like I said, I am not much of a lover of erotic reads so all that I can say about this book is that it’s for mature readers and it’s really steamy you’ll need to take a shower after you’re done with it (I didn’t but I think it will be needed for some of you in case you actually go ahead and do the dirty, lol). The only enjoyable Jordan story for me out of all these is the one where the Jordan is working in the book publishing world. I learned a few things (not sexual but career-wise) out of it and am interested in her type of position. I think I want to work as an editor or an agent for a publisher because all I am about are books, books, and marketing! Anyway, get this book if you are a mature reader for your reading pleasures. Have a good evening and may your night be a sexual odyssey to be remembered for the rest of the year! Haha.

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5 star review on AMAZON by GRYMM


Though this isn’t the first mature story I’ve read, it is certainly the first one with a quirky theme. Though it’s unfair to call it a story, it actually follows multiple characters and their stories—all characters have the same name (Jordan), and their adventures. The characters are strong, and they all carry their own personality. This gives them a life that we don’t always get to see in mature reading. The characters are strong and sexy, and the plot of each Jordan’s story comes through very well-developed. My gripe here is the layout. There’s a bit of back and forth with the stories, Duval should have just run the stories together rather than splitting them up. Don’t let that deter you, though, the stories are great!


4 star review on Goodreads by MY WORLD OF REVIEWS


…of character development, and the stories themselves, which revolve around sexual experiences these people have had. The layout of the book is a little confusing, you have to jump back and forth a bit to keep track of each individual story line, but overall the writing is good, and certainly sensual. The tone is even romantic at times, which is surprising. Some stories are more tame, while some are on the wild side. Whatever you are looking for in an erotic book, you will find it here in this erotic short story collection. Beautifully described characters and interesting locales make this book even more noteworthy. A great escape type read, this book is highly recommended for a sensual journey of the best kind.


5 star good reads reviews


This is such an enjoyable book! In addition to its sensuality, which is exceptional, it is very well written. The characters are engaging and the plot of each story is well crafted. You will not want to stop reading as this is a very sexy book!


The Interludes: A Sexual Odyssey is a collection of seven steamy stories by author J.K. Duval. These stories all have the common thread of having the main character's name be ‘Jordon’. Some of these Jordon’s are men and some women and all varying in ages. The stories alternate in this 20-chapter steamy novel. Some of them are milder while others are very naughty. 
If you love reading something hot and a little different than the typical romance, The Interludes: A Sexual Odyssey is a perfect story for you! 

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spotlight on ctrl alt books

August 23, 2017


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 5 star review on Goodreads

Think Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous...but with sex!

This fine series of individual stories explore eroticism in all its forms. But no mere porn, these are richly detailed portraits that capture the episodes of different characters experiencing sexuality without being crude. It's hot and thrilling, but it's also fun and fantasy. Imagine if Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous had sex amidst the top brand names in fashion, travel and food. Some stories are cute, some sophisticated, some passionate--all make a good read at bedtime! Lucius Swan



A Winner!

This is a very fun book to read! Not only are the characters well developed and the plots well crafted, but the writing is beautifully done. Most of all, the sensuality is exquisite. This is one sexy and seductive book which I thoroughly enjoyed. Stephanie Mailer



Elevated Eroticism

Captivating vignettes of sexual escapades involving carefully developed characters, well researched and viscerally described locations and very intimate personal dynamics. Never gratuitous, plausible situations evolve from well developed and written prose that takes you on an erotic journey that breathes authenticity for each of the characters. Never felt smutty, rather elevated by the intelligence of the writer and his or her writing skills. Elizabeth R.

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consumer health digest article by JK duvaL: Boost your sex life



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5 star review on amazon

Definitely for mature minds!

Erotic Vignettes for intelligent adults. A new twist on an old subject. Better than 50 shades of grey!  Blondie

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5 star review on amazon

Updated erotic fiction that's fun to read

The book, by J.K. Duval, is a series of stories centered around main characters all named Jordan. The characters are a varied cross section of society, differing in age, socio-economic class, sexual experience and sexuality. The style of the erotica is also an interesting cross section between a typical male or female style so often found in other works of this genre. The details are everything and this book brings out some great details to give authenticity to the events and character development. One character transports you back to the lustful and awkward sexual adventures of someone in their late teens and another character is a sophisticated and accomplished business person with a lifetime of experiences. The common thread between all the characters, like the common thread for all people, is the way they experience and express themselves, sexually. The book is written in a way that is detailed in its eroticism, but also maintains a romanticized depiction of the interludes. Rick

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 5 star review on Goodreads


My husband gave me a copy of this book and at first I was skeptical, asking myself what he was up to when I saw in the title the word “Sexual”. Well I started reading it and before I knew it, I couldn’t put it down. I did occasionally set it aside in order to, shall we say…well um! The stories run from sweet and innocent to the rip-each-others-clothes off kind of hot. If you really want to get your motor running then this book is for you. I'm going to give it to my girlfriends, who will surely get a kick out of it! I can only hope for a sequel because I’m truly curious where these characters will go next. Mark me down as vested in their lives. Linda T.

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5 star review on Goodreads


Loved it.


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5 star review on amazon

Duval has created a smart, sexy and sophisticated novel centered around a variety ...

Duval has created a smart, sexy and sophisticated novel centered around a variety of unrelated characters who happen to share the name of Jordan. “Interludes” is an appropriate title as well as description for the book structure consisting of a series of relatively brief short stories. The well described settings are varied and the narrative is sensual and erotic but the “Jordans” are developed, not in great depth, but to the point of what you’d expect from an interlude. An enjoyable read. J. AckerDuval has created a smart, sexy and sophisticated novel centered around a variety ...

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5 star review on amazon

duval creates smart, sexy short stories that leave you wanting to...

Took this book on a getaway weekend for some leisurely reading but couldn't put it down. Duval creates smart, sexy short stories that leave you wanting to immediately read the next one. Love the fact that all the characters are named "Jordan" but each is completely different with various life experiences. Beautifully written characters and amazing locations take you on a journey you will wish would never end. SoCalGal